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San Mateo County Historic Sites by Name

Information about historic sites in San Mateo County organized alphabetically by historic site name.

Anza Expedition Camp CHL (Arroyo Court, San Mateo) CHL #47
Anza Expedition Camp NHP (El Camino Real and Ralston Avenue, Burlingame) CHL #48

Brittan Party House (125 Dale Avenue, San Carlos) NHP #1994001500
Broderick-Terry Duel (1100 Lake Merced Boulevard, Daly City) CHL #19

Capidro Folk Art Environment (262 Princeton Road, Menlo Park) CHL #939
Carolands CHL (565 Remillard Drive, Hillsborough) CHL #886
Carolands NHP (565 Remillard Drive, Hillsborough) NHP #1975000478
Casa de Tableta CHL (3915 Alpine Road, Portola Valley) CHL #825
Casa de Tableta NHP (3915 Alpine Road, Portola Valley) NHP #1973000447
Church of the Nativity (210 Oak Grove Avenue, Menlo Park) NHP #1980000855
Colma City Hall (1198 El Camino Real, Daly City)
Commodore Watkins House (98 Alejandra Avenue, Atherton) NHP #1978000768
Coxhead House (37 East Santa Inez Avenue, San Mateo) NHP #2000000322

Daly City Origin (17 Hillcrest Drive, Daly City)
De Sabla Teahouse and Tea Garden (70 De Sabla Avenue, San Mateo) NHP #1992000965
Dickerman Barn (1880 New Years Creek Road, Ano Nuevo State Reserve) NHP #1982002259

Filoli CHL (86 Canada Road, Woodside) CHL #907
Filoli MHP (86 Canada Road, Woodside) NHP #1975000479
First Congregational Church of Pescadero CHL (300 Block of Stage Road, Pescadero) CHL #949
First Congregational Church of Pescadero NHP (300 Block of Stage Road, Pescadero) NHP #1980000856
First Sawmill Site (Portola Road Quarter Mile South of Woodside Road, Woodside) CHL #478
Fleishhacker Estate (329 Albion Avenue, Woodside) NHP #1986002396
Folger Estate Stable Historic District (4040 Woodside Road, Woodside) NHP #2004000328

Gate House (555 Ravenswood Avenue, Menlo Park) NHP #1986001951
Green Oaks Ranch House (2060 Cabrillo Highway, Pescadero) NHP #1976000526


Half Moon Bay Jail
Halladie Tramway (815 Portola Road, Portola Valley)
Hofmann House (1048 La Cuesta Road, Hillsborough) NHP #1991000926
Hospice / Mission Dolores Outpost (Baywood and El Camino Real, San Mateo) CHL #393
Hotel Saint Matthew (215-229 Second Avenue, San Mateo) NHP #1997001663

Independence Hall (2955 Woodside Road, Woodside) NHP #1978000772

Johnston House (100 Higgins-Purisima Road, Half Moon Bay) NHP #1973000446

Kohl Mansion (2750 Adeline Drive, Burlingame) NHP #1982002258

Lathrop House (627 Hamilton Street, Redwood City) NHP #1973000448

Martin Building (220 Grand Avenue, South San Francisco) NHP #1997000043
Methodist Episcopal Church at Half Moon Bay (777 Miramontes Street, Half Moon Bay) NHP #1980000854
Methodist Episcopal Church of Pescadero (112 Stage Road, Pescadero) NHP #1982002260
Mills Dairy Barn (Higgins Canyon Road, Burleigh-Murray Ranch State Park) NHP #1990000120
Molloy's Springs Tavern and Joe Cavalli's Blacksmith Shop (1665 Mission Road, Daly City)
Montara Lighthouse

National Bank of San Mateo (164 South B Street, San Mateo) NHP #1997000331
New Sequoia Theater Building (2211-2235 Broadway, Redwood City) NHP #1994000431

Old Colma Railroad Station and Railroad Semaphore Signal (1500 Hillside Boulevard, Daly City)
Old Store at La Honda (State Highway 84 (P.M. 8.91), NW Corner of La Honda and Sears Ranch Roads, La Honda) CHL #343
Our Lady of the Wayside CHL (930 Portola Road, Portola Valley) CHL #909
Our Lady of the Wayside NHP (930 Portola Road, Portola Valley) NHP #1977000338

Pigeon Point Lighthouse CHL (Pigeon Point off Cabrillo Highway, Pescadero) CHL #930
Pigeon Point Lighthouse NHP (Pigeon Point off Cabrillo Highway, Pescadero) NHP #1977000337
Point Montara Light Station District (16th Street At Cabrillo Highway, Montara) NHP #1991001094
Portola Camp: November 11 (Canada Road Near Pulgas Water Temple, Woodside) CHL #92
Portola Camp: November 4 (Hillcrest Boulevard at Interstate 280, Millbrae) CHL #27
Portola Camp: November 5 (Skyline Boulevard 500 Feet South of Crystal Springs Road, San Mateo) CHL #94
Portola Camp: November 6-10 (East Creek Drive and Alma Street, Menlo Park) CHL #2
Portola Camp: October 23 (Cabrillo Highway At Mouth Of Gazos Creek, Bean Hollow State Beach) CHL #23
Portola Camp: October 24-26 (Cabrillo Highway At San Gregorio State Beach, San Gregorio State Beach) CHL #26
Portola Camp: October 27 (Cabrillo Highway At Mouth Of Purisima Creek, Half Moon Bay) CHL #22
Portola Camp: October 28-29 (Cabrillo Highway At Mouth Of Pilarcitos Creek, Half Moon Bay) CHL #21
Portola Camp: October 30 (Cabrillo Highway On Martini Creek At Foot Of Montara Mountain, Montara) CHL #25
Portola Camp: October 31 (Cabrillo Highway At Crespi Drive, Pacifica) CHL #24
Portola Valley School (775 Portola Road, Portola Valley) NHP #1974000557
Princeton Hotel (Capistrano Road and Prospect Way, Princeton By the Sea) NHP #1979000543

Ralston Hall CHL (Campus of College of Notre Dame, Belmont) CHL #856
Ralston Hall NHP (College of Notre Dame Campus, Belmont) NHP #1966000234
Redwood City Historic Commercial Buildings (Broadway and Main Streets, Redwood City) NHP #1977000339
Rock Magnetics Laboratory (345 Middlefield Road, Menlo Park) NHP #1994001647

Saint Anthony's Church (700 Block of North Street, Pescadero) NHP #1982004983
San Francisco Bay Discovery Site NHP (Sweeney Ridge, Pacifica) NHP #1968000022
San Francisco Bay Discovery Site Plaque (Crespi Drive and State Highway 1, Pacifica) CHL #394
San Gregorio House (Old Stage Road, San Gregorio) NHP #1977000341
San Mateo County Courthouse (Broadway, Redwood City) NHP #1977000340
San Mateo Main Post Office (210 South Ellsworth Street, San Mateo) NHP #1988000443
Sanchez Adobe Historic Site (Pacifica)
Sanchez Adobe CHL (1000 Linda Mar Boulevard, Pacifica) CHL #391
Sanchez Adobe NHP (1000 Linda Mar Boulevard, Pacifica) NHP #1976000525
Searsville Site (Sand Hill and Portola Roads, Woodside) CHL #474
Sequoia Union High School (201 Brewster Avenue, Redwood City) NHP #1995000389
Seven Oaks (20 El Cerrito Drive, San Mateo) NHP #1999001181
Simmons House (751 Kelly Avenue, Half Moon Bay) NHP #1992000995
Solari Windmill (Woodside Road in Union Cemetary, Redwood City)
South San Francisco Carnegie Library (306 Walnut Avenue, South San Francisco)
South San Francisco City Hall (400 Grand Avenue, South San Francisco)
South San Francisco Hillside Sign (Sign Hill Park, South San Francisco) NHP #1996000761
Southern Pacific Depot Burlingame CHL (290 California Drive, Burlingame) CHL #846
Southern Pacific Depot Burlingame NHP (290 California Drive, Burlingame) NHP #1978000769
Southern Pacific Depot Menlo Park CHL (1100 Merrill Avenue, Menlo Park) CHL #955
Southern Pacific Depot Menlo Park NHP (1100 Merrill Avenue, Menlo Park) NHP #1974000556
Southern Pacific Depot Millbrae (California Drive at Irwin Place, Millbrae) NHP #1978000770
Southern Pacific Depot San Carlos (559 El Camino Real, San Carlos) NHP #1984001191
Steele Brothers Dairy Ranches (Cabrillo Highway At New Year's Creek Road, Ano Nuevo State Reserve) CHL #906

Tanforan Assembly Center for Japanese Americans (Tanforan Park Shopping Center, San Bruno) CHL #934
Tunitas Beach Indian Village (Cabrillo Highway At Mouth Of Tunitas Creek, San Gregorio) CHL #375

Union Cemetery CHL (Woodside Road and Hazel Avenue, Redwood City) CHL #816
Union Cemetery NHP (Woodside Road and Hazel Avenue, Redwood City) NHP #1983001237

West Union (Canada Road and Edmonds Road, Woodside)
Woodside Store Historic Site (Woodside)
Woodside Store CHL (3300 Tripp Road, Woodside) CHL #93
Woodside Store NHP (3300 Tripp Road, Woodside) NHP #1985001563

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